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Wednesday 07 August 2019

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Moving office can seem a daunting task and can be overwhelming at the best of times, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few of our insider industry tips to help you prepare and implement the successful relocation of your business no matter how big or small.

First step, create a timeline that allows you to be prepared and organised for the move. There are bound to be some surprises along the way, but by creating a timeline you can focus on the task at hand in order of importance and relevance. This timeline should include all physical aspects of the move as well as a communication timeline and business requirements/operational needs. Your timeline should be created at least a month prior to your move and should continue through to the completion of your office relocation. Be flexible and change/add to your timeline, don’t be rigid – the timeline is a tool to help you move, not a rule book and may change depending on new circumstances or simply an aspect of the move that has been overlooked and needs to be considered.

Plan the physical layout of your new office. Assess what the most practical layout and desk configuration would be for your employees. Now is a great opportunity for your business to improve in areas such as team productivity and office culture, and a thoughtful/considered layout can do just that. Also consider practical functions, such as printer and photocopier location, kitchen and storage areas. Its always a good idea to discuss the layout with employees to understand theirs wants and needs for a more inclusive move. It is also essential to consider your business growth plan, as this may affect your current layout and configuration.

Now you know the layout of your new office space and desk configuration you need to take inventory of what is needed. Now is the time to declutter and organise your office, so be thorough in only transitioning the required equipment and materials to your new workspace. Once your inventory has been made you can start recycling or getting rid of any materials, furniture or electronics you no longer have use for. There are many E-waste and furniture disposal services that can collect your unwanted items free of charge. Now is also the time to order any new equipment or furniture that you may need.

As the move date becomes nearer, you’ll need to communicate to employees their roles during this process and what this entails on the day. Clear and open communication is essential during office relocation, as change can be an unnerving experience for many and if an employee feels out of the loop in what’s going on around them it can create tension and effect productivity and quality of work. You may decide to appoint at least one ‘Move Manager’ during this process as a point of contact for staff members and also a ‘Customer Contact’ as a point of contact for customers/clients during this time.

It is also a good idea to prepare your customers/clients of the move by notifying them in advance of the move date to manage expectations and allow for understanding during this time. Also, ensure them you’ll be back to business as usual after the move (give them a date and make sure it is realistic timeframe).

Now, you may need to hire the movers and purchase any boxes or labels. It is important to hire a removalist company specialising in commercial removals, as they’ll be able to provide your business with a tailored service that suits your needs and have the skills to dismantle and reassemble your electronics. A commercial office removalist will also help with these final stages of planning, tracking and communicating to staff, which is all part of the service you should expect from a commercial removalist.

Start packing! When packing (in any occasion) its important to pack your essential items last of all, especially if you’re starting to pack the days leading up to the move. Don’t make the mistake of packing something you’ll need the day before moving! The more organised packing you do, the more organised your unpacking will be, so take the time to label as much as you can and refer to your inventory when packing.

Now is the time to get all your ducks in a row, make sure you contact all the necessary parties leading up to the move to confirm their role, time and dates they are needed.  

It’s Showtime! Today’s the day. You’ve prepared for this; you’re organised and ready…. but don’t be alarmed if something unexpected happens. You’ll need to think quick on your feet during this time and be focused in responding to a large number of enquiries, problems and concerns. You’ll have to be efficient with your time and make sure everyone is keeping to the schedule/timeline you’ve created. Keep calm, stay focused, assertive and breath. By following the above office relocation guide, your transition to your new office space will be organised, thoughtful and not the daunting task you’ve been dreading.

If you’re planning on relocating your business, or just want to know what is available in the market today, then please contact GJS Property to discuss your options.

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