Natural Lighting In The Office Space

Monday 19 August 2019

Office space with empty desks

Office spaces are evolving along with our expectations, which is why modern fitout’s and ‘end of trip’ facilities are in such high demand these days, but it is natural lighting that has become the number one sought after feature for office space.

Natural lighting not only benefits our working environment but also our wellbeing. Did you know that as humans we spend 80-90% of our time indoors? But, being indoors doesn’t mean we have to put up with poor natural lighting. A work space with natural lighting can help us regulate our vitamin D, and studies have even shown that increased exposure to natural lighting can help improve your night’s sleep.

Another great benefit to natural Lighting in a workspace is the increase in productivity and creativity. Bright natural light can improve the mood of employees and when we’re in a better mood we are more responsive and productive, allowing for us to be more effective in completing our day-to-day duties in a more creative and positive way.

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