Activity Based Working

Wednesday 31 July 2019

Drawing Analytic based icons on paper

In the world of work today, we can recognise that people perform a variety of activities in their day and in order to perform to their full potential they need to be supported by a variety of settings - Activity Based Working (ABW) allows us to do just that! To put it simply, ABW recognises the need for change – individuals are no longer spending all day chained to their desk day in and day out. Instead, the workplace has become a more connected and culture focused space, where daily tasks can be performed in multiple settings such as a desk, conference room, breakout spaces and the opportunity to work from home. For organisations this means less space is required (huge cost savings), a focus on cultural connectivity, an increase in work productivity, and creating a desirable work space as a way of attracting and retaining talent. It also allows for flexibility when changes are made to the business, easily accommodating to fluctuations in numbers of employees.  For individuals, this means a more trusting work environment that is flexible and supportive, and being part of a collaborative culture that improves creative thinking.

An ABW fitout is a clean, minimal, movable and adaptable space for individuals to perform their tasks. The demand for ABW fitout's is high and many new or newly refurbished office spaces are offering the ABW fitout’s as a way of targeting and attracting new tenants. Although there are many benefits to ABW, it isn’t for every business and needs to be implemented to suit the needs of your business appropriately.

At GJS, our focus is to stay ahead of the curve and always be aware of any changes to work place needs and wants in relation to real estate. The world of work is constantly changing and at GJS we need to continue to change with it!

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